30th March 2011, 16:00 ~ 17:00

Altitude: 322m
Irony value: 3/5
Overall verdict: worth a visit if you’re within 10 miles and have satnav in your car.

Flew in to Köln then after the meeting drove west.
I’d been to Vaalseberg before at night, but that meant no pictures and no access to the tower. Also, part of the fun with these things is seeing who else is about.
There were maybe a half dozen visitors enjoying the weak late-afternoon, late-March sunshine, sitting outside the coffee shop, and a similar number wandering about like me. It was 4:30pm on an overcast weekday, so I guess you couldn’t expect hordes.

Welkom, as they say, to the Netherlands’ highest point.


At 322m, it is something of an anomaly for a country with a deserved reputation for being flat. The park on top of Vaalserberg is accessible by three roads, one each from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, because as well as being the only place for Dutch driving schools to teach learners how to do hill-starts, Vaalserberg is the point where those three countries meet.


In the Belgian sector, there is a viewing tower, with a staircase and a lift. It’s €3.50 return, and I was the only punter. You can see the tower in the background, behind the marker for Netherlands’ highest point.


You could certainly see a long way from the top, but I wasn’t really sure what to look out for. Lots of flat land and small towns, farms, trees etc arbitrarily divided into three countries at present.

What you definitely got a good view of was Vaalserberg park, its gift shop and the maze (labyrinth) and a very few Europeans enjoying the dizzying altitude.


Google map link here –>

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